Paper Braid Hat - Water Resistance / Quick Dry / Moisture Absorption / Breathable
PAPER WEBBING-Upholstery and Application
Natural Club ECO Handicraft The best Handicraft Material
Natural Club JAPANESE NARA multipurpose eco Cloth

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PAPER YARN #689, Industrial Yarn, Crafts and Decors
PAPER RAFFIA #LF, Industrial Yarn, Crafts and Decors
PAPER WEBBING, Crafts and Decors
Paper Braid Hat #MH5802,Man hats,Fedora Hats,Straw Hats

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Long-Chung Enterprise Co., Ltd. to be founded in 1979 by Mr. Su-Ho Chen and Mr. Shin-Ho Lee, which located in Puli, Nantou county.
In the beginning, the technologies of paper manufacturing and processing work imported from Japan. The major products are to make Toyo hat bodies and Bangkok hat bodies by house hand-made for the finished products of cowboy hats, lady hats. It had been very popular, main distributions around USA, Europe, South America and so on.We expanded our business in exporting worldwide which had been rewarded by The Bureau of Foreign Trade as excellent exporter.
Nowadays, the worldwide concept in environmental protection which trends to
raw material with recycle possessions without pollution problem. In addition, further development of paper weaving product as well as paper-straw. paper-yarn. paper-webbing. paper-rattan...etc. without raw material problems of nature fiber shortage in seasons limit and plastic fiber resolving. Particularly, we were pleased to obtain the national patent in manufacturing technology of paper-rattan.
Our paper products being developed in every possible ways for making Hats,
Bags, Apparel, Knit, Furniture, Wall Paper, Lamp Shade, Shoes material, Wrapping well. In order to supply to producer and consumer one more best option in new environmental protection material.


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